Andy Murphy talks Mindset for Success, Positive Attitude and Building Better Habits

Mindset and NLP

Ever wonder how to become more confident?  How to think more clearly or perform at your best more consistently?  Mindset is a critical component to success and to bouncing back when you’ve been knocked down.

Andy Murphy understand the power of the mind.  A globe-trotter, Andy travels the world from the USA, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia where clients seek him out for private consulting including entrepreneurs, world champion MMA stars, professional sports athletes, multi-millionaire business owners, TV and film producers, TV and stage actors, trauma survivors and even Royal Family.

Andy`s true passion is to use the most cutting edge psychological tools blended with his own 21st century version of eastern philosophy to help global clients excel to their full potential. This passion is what drives him every day.

I wanted to talk to Andy about mindset and how YOU can get unstuck when you feel like you’re not at your best.


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