Jayson Gaignard Founder of Mastermind Talks on Losing it All, Finding Purpose and Calculating Wealth in Real Relationships

Jayson Gaignard Mastermind Talks

Jayson Gaignard is someone I admire.  There’s a distinct difference in the experience of growing a “traditional” business to over seven figures, like Jayson has done, and that of the internet marketer or information marketer. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve been there.

Overcoming adversity:

I admire this guy for many reasons and initially wanted to connect with him because his story was so similar to mine.  We both had traditional seven figure businesses.  We both self sabotaged our businesses and ended up in debt (and in my case Bankrupt).  I understand the ride and appreciate how Jayson picked himself up, found clarity and is now building one of the most respected companies in the country.

It’s hard as hell to build a seven figure business and it’s even harder to be there and then get knocked down hard and find a way to pick yourself up and fight again.

While this episode talks about finding purpose, habits, surrounding yourself with great people, taking risks and Jayson’s newest venture, “Mastermind Talks”, I want you to know it’s more about survival than anything else.  His is a story of what’s possible if you’re willing to constantly improve.  Jayson has proven the power of self re-evaluation and how failure can be a signal that you’re going in the wrong direction.

Failure can be the catalyst for remarkable success.


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