Paul Blais talks Making a Difference Today, Because Tomorrow is Promised to No One

paul blais

Paul Blais is a man with clarity.  He’s built a successful electrical contracting business, a highly successful podcast and coaches other entrepreneurs on how to reach their potential.

Like most of us Paul’s vision was set on the future with the whole “when this….then that” mentality.  Until one day he was diagnosed with Cancer and given a limited amount of time to live.  Paul’s a fighter and continues to work his ass off and move closer to his dreams.

Ask him how to have an attitude of gratitude and you get a refreshingly honest viewpoint.  The perspective for Paul is all about what you can do to make a difference TODAY, because the reality is tomorrow is promised to none of us.

In This Episode:

  • Discover how Paul’s perspective on life changed and how you can apply this today!
  • You’ll hear how Paul built an “interview a day” podcast from scratch and has grown a remarkable audience over the last year, transforming his professional life
  • Discover the strategies and methods Paul uses to deliver value, share his knowledge and make his mark.


Paul’s Podcast “Doubt The Doubts”
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