Picmonkey’s Lisa Conquergood on Creating Simplicity, Brainstorming and Delivering Value

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After getting her MBA, Lisa Conquergood worked at Eddie Bauer, where she came to love making fast decisions on small, nimble teams. She had a stint at Expedia before moving to Picnik as the Chief Marketing Officer. Then onto Google with the rest of the Picnik team. Conquergood considers herself a relationship marketer, not a spreadsheet marketer, and she loves hearing what people want and then giving it to them.

Lisa took some time to talk to Make Your Mark about her journey and how PicMonkey has grown to over 25 million unique visitors!

This also happens to be one of my favorite tools, which I use daily (literally).  Every image on Make Your Mark has been tweaked or fine tuned at PicMonkey.  All of the text based png images were created in PicMonkey as well.  I love it!

In This Episode:

  • Discover the opportunities that come from making the complex simple
  • How PicMonkey brainstorms new ideas and keeps things fresh
  • How to flush out the best ideas
  • How PicMonkey used influencers and built momentum
  • Looking forward and continually growing by listening to your audience


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