Matt Ingleby of RIPTapparel talks Finding Opportunities in Established Markets, Building a Following and Growing a Multi-Million Dollar Business with Hustle

RIPT Apparel Story

The guys from RIPTapparel may not think of themselves as Growth Hackers, but they are. These guys had an idea to enter a well established market by out-thinking and out hustling the competition.

Think Threadless meets Groupon and you have an idea of what RIPTapparel is all about. More importantly though is how they built this multi-million dollar business (and growing) without compiling debt and without any history in the space.

In This Episode:

  • Discover how these guys grinded it out before going full time
  • We talk about the strategies they used to gain traction and get more buzz
  • Matt discusses their measured growth and how they avoided piling up debt
  • We discuss innovative ways to get press and build awareness
  • You’ll see how RIPTapparel entered a market others would have avoided like the plague and how they have made their mark!


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