Matthew May on Seeking Daily Improvements and Building Momentum Through Subtraction

Shibumi Strategy and Matthew May

Matthew May has had a remarkable career advising countless companies on how to gain an advantage by subtracting everything that’s getting in the way.  This is a guy who was in charge of keeping sacrosanct the principles, tenets, and practices of “the Toyota way” for nearly a decade.

We talk about Matthew’s philosophy and how the different philosophy on getting more from less in business and life.

In This Episode:

  • Discover the “Shibumi Way” | Effortless Effectiveness
  • Find out some of the principles behind “The Toyota Way” which Matthew was in charge of maintaining while a consultant with Toyota.  The Toyota Way is highly responsible for their explosive growth in the 90’s
  • The different approach and philosophy of the Japanese work culture and the challenge of taking what worked so well in a manufacturing environment and plug it into a non-manufacturing environment
  • The importance of looking for new and better ways to perform and improve work every single day


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